To assure coverage for proceedings taking place within two (2) business days, please schedule by contacting our office by phone at 630.682.8887.

To schedule a court reporter for a date three (3) or more business days in advance, please click on the "Schedule a Captioner / Reporter" button below which will open an email pre-filled with information we will need for the scheduling. Required fields noted by an asterisk (*). We cannot complete the request if the required fields are not filled in.

If you do not receive confirmation within two (2) business days, please contact our office to schedule by phone at 630.682.8887.

Schedule a Captioner / Reporter

We at Efficiency Reporting are happy to assist you in the scheduling of a CART-captioner / Court Reporter should your event or case take you outside of our usual coverage areas of Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, as we have been doing for years for client goodwill, not profit. The link below provides a listing of other independently-owned freelance reporting firms, the same workforce the national clearinghouse firms utilize. Allow our staff to locate a certified reporter for you, or utilize the link below to schedule directly to realize a cost savings of no middleman markup.