Mission Statement

To discern the spoken word and accurately record it in written form for the present, the future, for history and our posterity.

Policy Statement

We will treat our clients with care, courtesy and respect; Providing assistance in a positive manner; Seeking with honesty and integrity to fulfill their captioning and court reporting needs; Earning their trust and confidence.

Certifications & Licenses

The vast majority of viewers of realtime speech-to-text translation, (be they individuals who are Deaf, have hearing loss, speak English as a second language, have an auditory processing disability, or who are hearing but simply appreciate reading TV dialogue while in a restaurant, bar or health club), broadly recognize the service realtime captioners privde as "captioning," regardless if the service is provided by broadcast programming or nonbroadcast.

The demand in the marketplace for increased availability of realtime captioning, broadcast, online and onsite, has necessitated training additional skilled captioners. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) has committed to offering enhanced training to its members in order to meet this greater demand for qualified professional realtime captioners.


Certified Realtime Captioner Logo

Certified Realtime Captioner

Registered Diplomate Reporter Logo

Registered Diplomate Reporter

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Certified Realtime Reporter

Registered Merit Reporter Logo

Registered Merit Reporter

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Registered Professional Reporter

Certified Shorthand Reporte Logo

Certified Shorthand Reporter, Licensed State of Illinois

Illinois Notary Public Commission

Certified Legal Video Specialist Logo

Certified Legal Video Specialist

IL Department of CMS

Certified Female Business Enterprise

IL CART Certificate

Formal Education

  • North Central College, Naperville, IL; Bachelor of Arts, Entrepreneurship & Business Management; Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • Seminar on Internation Business, European University, Athens, Greece
  • College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • MacCormac Junior College, Berkeley, IL; Associate in Applied Science


  • National Court Reporters Association, 1981 - Present
  • Illinois Court Reporters Assocation, 1981 - Present; (CART Committee Member, 2008 - Present)
  • Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, 1990 - Present
  • Assocation of Late Deafened Adults, 1991 - Present